• Vol. 04
  • Chapter 05


While leaving, it always made damn sure to turn on the lights so I could watch it go. Still, nobody was ever there to see it.
One night, many nights ago, it appeared, surrounded with a shadow, sucking whatever happiness I had from my day up until the moment it was satisfied. Since the very first night I knew I wasn’t strong enough to fight it, mainly because it would make me unable to move a finger until the very end.
After some time passed, it didn’t bother to hide anymore. The shadow wasn’t necessary because we both knew what was going to happen.
Now, I watch it go another time, unable to scream for I still am paralyzed. Who would believe me if I told them? More importantly, who would bother to come and see it with their own eyes? And, even if they come, would either of us be able to do anything?
Tomorrow, however, I decided that it would be the last time. It would never see it coming.