• Vol. 05
  • Chapter 02
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It is profound

For a thousand miles and more, there is land and sea
Beneath our feet, there is a molten core we cannot see
Tiny crystals fall from the sky and settle on the ground
Each one is different, it takes ages, it is profound
The moon does rotate but we cannot tell
It’s slowly moving away from the Earth a bit each year
We have split the atom and examined a single cell
And given much thinking about those things we hold dear
It’s true the Earth is rock and some liquid metal
Observation tells us it has boiled when we see the steam coming from a kettle
Observation tells us that Jupiter is a sphere
White light is a spectrum of colours when passing through a tear
The human species has travelled far across land and in time
Ideas are at our very core and there are many more mountains we must climb
The greatest one for us is to somehow leave our little place
And find the will to go out there and venture into space.