• Vol. 07
  • Chapter 01
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Islands I, II and V


The universe is filled
With islands —
Little lonelinesses
On the look out
For a connection.

Galaxies, planets —
How many mothers
And children lost
To the Milky Way ? —
Stars that point
Towards many directions
All that unnamed
Dark matter.

There are the chosen few
Suited seekers
That toddle along craters
With their polycarbonate shell on
Oxygen given via an umbilical chord —
No wonder they call it mothership.


I blame it on the moon, mother
Of all fossilised salt
Perched on the flesh
Of a silent shell mouth
A barely there mantle —
No wonder the lonely worship her.


Islands I, II and V


The heart is the island
Where we often find ourselves
Trying to recall
The name of our mainland
The hearth of our heartbeat
Where our breath was birthed —

Our exile begins at birth.