• Vol. 07
  • Chapter 05
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Iridescent Camouflage

What would it take
To wet your wings
In this season's
Salubrious consonance
To bring the spring in your
For some wisdom to accrue
From the artisanal things you pursue
On this bright summer day,
As you check the waters
With a few tentative dips
And the pleasurable sensation
Bubbles over
From the deep blue waters
Catching you unawares
In your blithe reverie
Oblivious to any care
And foregrounds you to a growing
Awareness of him,
That tall, strapping lad who
Took you in his care
Held you closely in his hands
That wouldn't leave you even
For a moment,
Who was equally at ease in the
Sea and on the land,
A perfect gentleman
Who took you under his wings


Iridescent Camouflage

As you looked across to the hereafters
And couldn't resist these waters
That made you complete
And yet now as his memories hover
Across your wistful eyes
The incompletion feels all the more
The stormy apparitions
That sparkle and disappear
As the stars genuflect to you
In iridescent camouflage;
Your fame is just a figment
Among many other things
That you left for good.