• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 06
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Into The Wilderness

Their expedition has been granted approval. Mark and Jay bargain for last-minute supplies, before finally entering the jungle. Filled with trepidation, laced with giddy excitement. Gifting one another conspiratorial glances, egging each other on.

A box of apple juice each, to fortify them. One for Bear, too. The three share a packet of crisps, licking crumbs off their paws. It can be put off no longer. They push further in.

The scent of soil rises to meet them. Each rustle and movement in the towering vegetation a potential threat. They are so glad Bear agreed to come with them.

And finally, what they had hoped for and feared all at once – The Creature. Squat in the darkness, still as a statue. Almost invisible against the dark earth, but for it's iridescent sheen.

“Be careful – look at its horns!” says Bear.

“It’s smaller than I thought it would be,” says Mark. He wants to take it captive. Jay disagrees completely. “Let’s get a closer look.” He pulls out his magnifying glass, and the three of them peer through it.

The Creature is suddenly enormous – all armoured gloss. All scuttling legs. All antlers and fangs.

It turns towards them.

In unison, they jump back – hearts thundering, feet stumbling.


Into The Wilderness

The silence that follows is heavy. Neither adventurer brave enough to say he doesn’t feel so brave, now.

Reprieve in the shape of a voice, ringing out across the greenery. “Dinner time! It's actually on the table.”