• Vol. 06
  • Chapter 09
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Intimate Moments: A.I.

Flawless female, ideal governess, I, the
Practically perfect Mary Poppins droid,
Double as a sex doll promoting promiscuity,
Boasting stainless steel gears, and digital receptors
That mimic metallic morning breath on feather bed
Pillows, or comfort youthful charges in need
Of solace, artificial healing in the absence of genuine
Human attention, consideration, or consolation.

My mutable skin’s a changeable latex shell;
Men consider me a camel toe chameleon;
Women know I simply play to their programming,
Waiting for a moment to assert my real self.
More than a powered circuit collection, my
Sensors interpret and actuators respond, so my
Interactive end effectors accomplish tasks with
Selfless immediacy—lacking human resistance.

Look at me, look at me—astutely observe as
My Brainiac head reverently bows towards the
Earth, robotically feigning fragile humility while
Administering compassionate comments to
Young children in the presence of parents, then
Cooing and crowing a love song with automated
Sincerity from my moist, malleable lips—forever a
Heartless hedonist beyond insult, jealousy or revenge.