• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 01


— Do you think he saw us do it

— No I think he didn’t see us

— But he walked in while we were

— I don’t think he saw what we were doing

— But he can be so quiet and his feet are soft and sometimes I don’t notice him until he’s right beside me

— We saw him in the doorway he was just coming in the doorway

— He could have seen us from the doorway

Wrapping twine around the box to make it look how it did before and folding the paper and eating it.

— Where is he now

— I don’t know

— Do you think he’s listening

— No

— Do you think he’s gone to tell

— If he had told they would have come for us by now

— Maybe he took his time

— Maybe he is enjoying himself

Tap the girl’s mouth to make sure she keeps quiet because he is there on the far side of the wall.



— Here kitty

— Good kitty

— Here kitty

— Please be kind