• Vol. 02
  • Chapter 10


I am not lost
I am not lost
Though my mind is getting there
Losing direction
I turn to the true compass
Always pointed inward
My expressions, amateurish
Are yet heartfelt
Keeping me on the road to growth

On this here road
I hitchhiked with years-long meditations
Until you came for me
I should have refused
But I was caught in the rhythm of my meditations
Looking for material that would explain my life’s song
So I accepted

We spoke not of my calling
Nor of my destination
Nor my route
You asked me to remain silent
So I did
Not knowing you were tuning in
To the song that followed me inside

You listened
While I grew fearful
For the first time, my song
In such raw form
Exposed to the likes of a non-friend



The song ended
As I rested from the soreness of my heart
As I rested from your quiet reflection
Reserving interpretation

I came to, with a shove
Jolted by a heart wide open
You left me in my sore state
In an unfamiliar State

Covering my exposed parts
I wandered with deep wonderings
Until the soreness was eclipsed
By something like freedom

That’s how I got lost
Taken from the road I paced for years
To be lost in a new song
That would trade the one my heart carried
For what would guide to roads resisted