• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 01


Teeth brushed, face clean, bed warm and cozy, but
my thoughts
peck at my brain like
vultures at the eyes of a stillborn calve.

I sense the darkness deepen and expand, but
cannot escape
the onslaught of thought.

As black gives way to grey dawn,
my mind rests on unfathomable airships
jumbled across a pale sunset.
Absurdity, calm, and exhaustion
lull my synapsis,
my lids rest on dry eyes, and I forget
thought, lost in sleep.

The blare of my alarm breaks the modicum of sleep,
the airships have morphed into whales
and dinosaurs
cluttered in
a chartreuse sky
over picketers
in a world slanted off normal in a way
my sleepy brain cannot comprehend, but
which triggers the onslaught of

I roll over, but cannot escape, so
I get up.