• Vol. 03
  • Chapter 06
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inside Her

since there was still some of the sight left,
She spent it on parrot-clad trees and cloth-covered
cameras, sheltered kaleidoscopes inside the eyes,
mastered light by bending it at edges, where
Her life stood like worn out shades of the day

It was a gaze that combed the wind for lies, a vision
the stole the earth of sunlight, and fetched the new
responsibility who nestled inside Her like a Russian doll —
crawling into the stare, walking into the memories,
she spilled into Her story like a lightning slipped the sky.

before the soil would reclaim Her, She tried to
tumble her off a condescending eye-roll, or
weep her off in a salty slanting brook, or
sleep her away, but she climbed into Her dreams.

it was half past history, meanings departed.
She peeled Herself off to fracture the bond,
torn open to see her sleeping like a secret, only to
know it was too late — she was sewn into Her soul