• Vol. 03
  • Chapter 09
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Inner Vision

You deny me my sight.
Yet my inner vision and my other senses heighten.
My hearing, though muffled, is still intact.
I hear the sounds of the sea as it laps against the shore, licking the pebbles, washing them clean before sand
and murky inshore waters can coat them once again.
I hear the seagulls calling to me as they fly overhead.
I can picture them as they dive for food and soar on the air currents.
I hear the laughter of children as they play on the beach.
Some experiencing it for the first time.
I smell the sea, with it's odours of fish, seaweed and fishing boats.
As well as the seaside cafe's offering bacon rolls and chip butties, I can almost taste them.
Yet I taste the salt in the sea air as the sea breezes
find my lips.
Though I am blind,
I have all this.
I thank God for the magic of the seaside and the knowledge.
That I will see again.