• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 02
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Feed me all the good and all the bad
and all the evils of the world.
Tell me your fears and fantasies
and all the secrets you hold so deep.
Whisper your plans into my ears,
I shall take them as it is.
Paint your dreams with those all colors,
though sometimes I go color blind.
Borrow my hands if you wish,
better put them to good use.
Take my color too if you are short of one,
but hope you know, what you do.
Fear not and do not fret,
your secrets, your dreams, and fantasies,
plans and pains are as good as new,
and they always will be.
You don’t know me, and I don’t know you,
only that we look alike.
But does that matter anywhere?
I say all this to you now, but
may not do again.
I have learnt to digest all the evils –
my system is very strong now.
My ears are deaf to pain – not to mine –
but to everything not mine.
I see dreams and colors only I paint,
but it might look like yours – it happens.
My hands and my color is always mine,
though the plan was always yours –
still, you deserve no credits.



I might use you and your brain,
but I do not care as long as I gain.
Don’t you see?
I wear the cap of negligence,
am blinded by ignorance,
my lips sealed with selfishness
and ears are filled with motives.
My brain can process only these now,
hence, I am an inhumane human,
a social animal living in
an unsocial society!