• Vol. 03
  • Chapter 07


Two women in darkened robes,
Standing contrast, against the lightness of azure blue and white-plumed sky.
Heavily swathed, in cloaked identity.
One, with matching closed posture – to protect.
Protect against what?
…..The sun?......Men?....Each other?.....Life?......

Relaxed and carefree showing,
And display of body or beauty - strictly forbidden!
Her Soul even shrinks, as she is bound by heavy robes,
And bound by life-long, male dominated, religious ideology.
Eons of suppression, make it difficult for her to fully embody herself,
Or to stand up tall.

She dare not open. She dare not display.

Their secret rendezvous, the only solace and partial freedom,
In this war-torn place of desolation and fearful hiding.

The other – a little less rigid and fearful,
Dares to partially remove the golden-garb, that has hidden her face –
Adorning her with such great heat and restriction.
And, as she removes it - she b-r-e-a-t-h-e-s- freedom;
Even as the stifling air brings little relief, and negligible breeze.

Stolen moments, to kindle,
A forbidden friendship;
Which is the only sanity, amidst the daily terror, carnage and suppression.



And, despite all of this –
In their treasured, stolen moments,
Hope springs eternal.
Both, pregnant with the promise of freedom.
Together, free of chastisement, They express their voices –
Sharing dreams of peace, equality,
And of light-filled tomorrows,
For their children, and their children’s children.
Their Spirit – indestructible!
Birthing from within, creation, to shine forth.
And, from their meetings –
A new world is born!