• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 06
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In the Wake of Knowing

Do not deny it—
the sun has left a scar
where there once
was wretched sameness,
soft & warm. No story
to tell. No burn.

I see the skin stretched thin
across your ribs, raw
with ache & alchemy.
You thrust your body
toward magic
in ignorance of art
rusted with age, bloodied
by trial & error.

Let go the lies
looped lecherously
through your limbs—
you do not need them.
You are enough.
That rippled radiance
within you wouldn’t
have stirred awake
without pain.


In the Wake of Knowing

Regret is less a teacher,
more a creature of misery,
so lay the burden of perfection
down. Kneel at the river
of sorrow, for a time. Drink
from its wealth of memory,
cupped in the loving wisdom
of your hands.

Trust the currents to change.