• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 07

In the Swarm

In their prompt, the editors have asked us to "[g]o beyond that immaculate double rainbow." But surely the editors know that the internet overwrites all of life, including the past. Therefore, there's nothing these two could be doing out here in this field by this brook with those cud-chewing cows behind them but composing a farmcore remix of the famous double rainbow video. Don't believe me? Look at how they're snapping their fingers to the beat, and at how their eyes are fluttering closed because of how much they're feeling it. They even brought an accordion, because you can't compose a farmcore remix without an accordion, unless, perhaps, it turns out that your accordion is actually a concertina, although as far as this writer knows concertinas are usually hexagonal – but only usually, so even though this thing is more of a rectangle shape, technically it could possibly still be a concertina, but that would work, too. Getting back to the subtler details, that big building in the background must be the club where, come Friday night, the local serfs are going to square dance their asses off to the farmcore remix of the double rainbow video these two are currently composing, and after that we'll just have to see what transgresses, as the old saying goes.