• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 12

In the Middle

Hello.  It's me, the Middle Child.
Oh, sure.  I feel fine.
  Just fine.
    Everything is fine.
No.  I don't need anything.
  Nothing at all.

Me?  No.  I have no opinion.
No desires of my own.  Not really.
I'll just focus on keeping
  All the plates in the air
    Not ruffling any feathers.  Ok?

Oh.  My smile?  Thank you.
It's permanently affixed
   To show the cute one and the
   fierce one (plus parents, the
   world) that I am ok.
     Everything is ok.
          Will be ok.

Yes, my neck feels fine.
And I am not bothered by the
   weight above me and below me.
      I can balance.
        Can keep the balance.


In the Middle

My diagonal view of the world is
   Good enough.
Because you will tell me
  What I see
    When to make an adjustment

      What course is acceptable.
Breathe in.  Breathe out.
   Can I get you anything?
     Oh.  No.  I'm just fine.