• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 08
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In The Flow

Strong roots hold firm,
Curving away, pressure carved,
We remain unbroken,

As the wave breaks
Aerated bubbles, lighten,
Whiten, our green world, a
Silver glassy worm speeds through,

Ravenous, it swallows
Motley humans whole,
Hopes and dreams digested,
Landward spewed,

Shaking heads,
Wondering in their
Wanderings, feeling
Used and confused,

We tunnel kelp,
Curve back, undulate,
Mirror pressure, shaped
Forward first, then back,

Reasserted, our world
Relaxes, we chill, as
Waves wash over us,
Tides flow past us,

Waters density deepens our
Voice, passing slow comments,
We wait for a worm, to pass,
In tune, in the flow, we smile.