• Vol. 03
  • Chapter 04
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In Optimism

What can you see in my eyes?
Echoes of the past, stories of the present, future hopes?
All of these, but nothing. Deceitful anticipations of moments lost.
We travel together but alone. My neighbour, my friend. My thoughts – a place for curious indulgence. Fused with dreams.
In optimism.
And here I am. Living my life. Enclosed by the saccharine melody of the world’s disappointments and realisations.
I am a fragment of my existence. Unfulfilled. Insignificant. But still my fragile choices loom with the quiet determination of an orchestra’s prelude. I can follow my heart and make the voracious decisions I once flouted.
So determined in my ways. So convinced. I am exceptional. I am the one who can reason with the untamed dances of the world.
Why should it ever be too late?