• Vol. 03
  • Chapter 10
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In hand/By mouth

in hand rope ties
by mouth         an oil stick to wave
in breath       no answers only songs
on salted         waves we danced
your mother said, you would not.

It was the fifties
white teeth promises
ran chartered waters,
we layered up our promises and
ran to new shores,
listing our route on
red lips

in hand your breath
by mouth         a striped horizon
in breath       your sails bubbled up
on salted         tears when we forgot
to look at what was below.

It was only yesterday,
and layered on thinly,
watered-down glue is our smile.
Strip back the hand, and you’ll
see our quick bitten nails
pasted over. Move carefully.
If we’re quick we
can hide the changes in
tide, before the years come
over and sails curve under.