• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 06
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In Grandma’s Yard

What is this on my hand? cried Jamie.

Let me see! demanded his cousin Eric, holding up a magnifying glass.

Oh no, I rested my hand on the tree and now its all sticky. I think this is honey dripping from that tree--look up higher--aren't those bees flying around up there?

Eric peered up into the tree. I think you're right! Bees or aliens from outer space trying to get us stuck to the tree.

Jamie began to laugh until he looked at the magnifying glass. There, reflected in the metal rim of the magnifier was a bear!

"Run!" Both boys ran for Grandma's back porch. The bear started to climb the tree, pausing now and then to lick some the honey that was dripping down.

Grandma called the police and the zoo just up the street. Yes, a small brown bear had escaped. A cub.

The zoo people came to Grandma's yard and took the cub back home to the zoo and Mama Bear. The police were happy no one was hurt. Jamie and Eric watched the zookeepers take the bear away.

"You know, Eric, I think eating the honey made the bear shrink. He was much bigger when he was standing behind us."

"I agree, Jamie. I agree."