• Vol. 07
  • Chapter 05
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We’re two unreasonable allies
In times where everything around us burns profusely and not even the water can save us
I remember when we started a fight and then were convinced that we should walk side-by-side to fight the fear
Is this elaborate? Or has my conscience left me behind, galloping towards sweet, darling Mars to salvage herself from the complete destruction. I’m booking a ticket, since 2033 feels oddly near.
Teetering thoughts aside – and while I don’t know for how long our friendship will last, I learned to appreciate a moment of introspection and maturity.
So, here we are, standing –
Awaiting for a future grim and such.
They said, “Just follow the river delta.”
No one knows what we’ve seen; the beautiful daylight is doing a great job at masking the odium (not) felt by those who brought us here.
I’m wondering if the only solution for two implacable friends is to simply duck out – if I were to put it in common words.
But the look in your eyes – a sparkle I’ve rarely seen, drives me towards the open borders of hope and resistance. Trivial, perhaps, yet much needed.
I can’t hide from you that, in all honesty, I was completely startled when you found me the other night, wandering off and losing myself to occasional thrills and made up contentment. There’s no time for that anymore.
There may be no words left to be spoken, other than sporadic mouthings challenging our Beckettian futility.



I’ll just stand here, beside you, philosophising about modern day irreverence and the lost concept of probity
Surrounded by hatred and pandemonium, even during those seemingly peaceful moments.

I’ve changed, we’ve changed – and we’ve got nothing to lose.