• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 12
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I closed the doors on pale lifetimes.
Ferns favored the sunrays,
Green vegetation common, lush.
My choices attempted “trying”
which failed.

Political mistakes sparked
haze from nearby clouds;
it’s bright. Weaving messengers
streaked through parallel timelines,
the bees continuously
crossing paths with me.

Behind us, blue pockets of leaves
gently flew away
into another dimension.
Here, there are roads, bloodshed.
Together, we formed all realities.

I formed connections, eggshells
that turned into excuses
that turned into fences.
Just this once, multiple loves
weigh in on Time.

Bamboo Days mean <i>seize your minutes</i>.
Tonight, secrets tipped the scales
in our favor, the worst leading us
to emerald pastures.



We climbed our hills. Some died,
others sought a higher peak,
claiming to be God.
The last hurrah was heard up North,
The last lifespan sung till Noon.