• Vol. 03
  • Chapter 08
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Imagine This

I am looking at you. I am looking through you. I can see through your soul. Quite literally.

Daisies and dandelions. Roses ravished sanguine with tears. Lilies, soft white, speckled across a bed of purple thorns. A crown of dew encrusted tulips cradled in stones. A mahogany wood overcast with the shimmery sunlight. I see those depths in your soul where a stream of poison flows, purifying precious matter into magic.

I look at you and see contradiction. You cannot hide that melancholia in your eyes, I see it in your irises. Your lush mouth curves to form words, words I don't listen to, their sounds mingling with their movements enthralls a miserable heart beating in some abyss inside me. You must be talking about something cryptic, something captivating, all these people here listen to you transfixed as you teach them new passions that they never would never discover themselves.

Your sun-burnt nose crinkles a lil when you pause to think in between. It bridges that beautiful mouth I'd kiss only to worship, to those deep eyes that show me what I needed to see.

I refuse to be enchanted by your cryptic verses. You cannot enslave me, I am looking right through your mists. But you don't notice me, you will never know my rebellion. You will not know that from this corner, I can read you. I have discovered you. You are vulnerable.

No wait, you are looking at me right now. Beautiful. I don't drop my gaze, I smile at you. Are you shocked?


Imagine This

Imagine this

You see me now, looking at me, looking at you.


Time, enchanted,