• Vol. 02
  • Chapter 07
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I’m Where?

I’m here. The brain waved. Not literally, of course. It just thought it, and Clive waved because Clive had the arms to do so.

Across the road a stranger frowned at him.

'Stop it,' Clive said. The brain tried to think of something else. It wasn’t difficult. Clive occupied the head space in his lumbering way but there were plenty of folds for the brain to fill in the gaps.

They both thought they knew who was in control.

A child pointed and said: 'Look! That man’s talking to himself.'

The brain thought about silence, static lips and tongue. Hold back electrical impulses; override that cerebellum, tucked up smug against the stem.

But still Clive muttered – something about answering the voice in his head. It wasn’t unreasonable; although it made no sense to anyone else.

Clive saw how the pedestrians veered from their path, looping around him before hurrying out of the road and stepping back onto the pavement. They looked funny and made him laugh.

A dog barked at him.

Run, thought the brain, who had little sense of humour.

Running triggered a chase response in the terrier. The owner tried to call Rockwell to heal, but the dog clearly had no mind to pay heed.


I’m Where?

The brain felt it first: teeth. It sent impulses to Clive, and he howled. Rockwell lost his grip and the owner managed to take charge, grabbing the collar.

'I’m so sorry,' said the owner.

'Me, too.' Clive rubbed his leg.

Attractive, thought the brain. Clive looked at the woman and mostly saw breasts. 'Perhaps you could buy me a coffee to make up for it?'

Rockwell growled louder.


Clive smiled. He’d taken control of the situation, and could see the woman was considering it. 'Clive,' he said and held out a hand.

She took it. Her skin was cold, her grasp limp.

The brain registered those things. 'Actually, don’t worry,' Clive said before she had a chance to tell him her name. 'I don’t think I’ve got time, after all.' He shot a pointed look at his watch and hurried off.

One foot, two foot, quick, quick, quick, thought the brain.