• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 08

I’m Not Driving All the Way to Barnsley

Daisy lived in a cat rescue centre in Barnsley. I’d never met her, but a friend of mine posted about her on Facebook.
       Becoming a cat daddy had made me do a complete turnaround on cats, from mocking people who posted cat memes to posting clips on Youtube of my own cat going nuts with a catnip mouse. After my recent divorce, I was catless; the mum always gets the kids in a break-up, that's what my dad said, and he was right. I didn’t even have visitation rights.
Relationship-wise, at forty two, I felt left on the shelf.
       I wasn’t going to drive all the way to Barnsley just to claim Daisy, but I occasionally checked her profile to see if she'd found a home. Daisy was six, forty two in cat years, but her profile on the rescue centre website, not written by her obviously, sounded like a dating profile. At forty two Daisy still had her standards.

Daisy is a gorgeous semi-long-haired friendly girl. She arrived in our care because her owner no longer wanted her. She’s a friendly girl that enjoys having a fuss but also likes having her own space. She will make a lovely companion to her new owner.

Type of Home Needed:
Daisy would like a quiet home with no young children. She will need a home away from any busy roads so that she can safely explore going outdoors. Daisy doesn't like other cats or dogs so will need a pet free home.

As I said, I’m not driving all the way to Barnsley to get her. Besides, you should let them come to you. That’s what my dad always said, but then he was a divorcee that never remarried.
I have Daisy’s number. If I want to call.