• Vol. 01
  • Chapter 12
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Illusion And The Truth

Once on horizon could be seen
The silhouette of a fairy queen
On a solar lit background
Which thus descended on the ground
Lassly hopping low and high
Graceful it came on nigh and nigh
And senses were all expectation
All at halt in reclination

But when it came nigh, more outlined
The figure was a robust male
With tiger's gait of leisurely mind
Which strolled ahead on speed of snail
And once those epic ways were read
All at once the senses said
"Thou a hero must behold
With arms of steel and heart of gold"

But when nigher a Sadhu, whose diabolic brow
Commanded "Come o nigh and bow!"
With looks of omen that may lead
A seven score lively souls to dead
It disillusions all the dreams
Ten thousand smiles in silence melt
When loud the truth through silence screams
And harsh and loud the truth is felt