• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 07

I’ll never ask

I do not care
what car you drive.

I care only, yet am deeply driven about
whether it keeps you safe.
Does it get you there in comfort,
does it listen and respond to the beat of your feet?
At most you may get a ‘Oh, that color is cute’.

I do not care about the size of your house.

I care about the love in the rooms.
Does it room joy?
Is it filled to the rim with laughter and love?
Is it a home?
Does it let you breathe?
Do people speak kindly to you there?
And do you do the same?
‘Oh, the color is soothing!’.

I’ll never ask you the size of your bank account.


I care only about how you spend what is within it.
Does it bring you and others joy?
Does it let you sleep deeply and at ease at night?
The only coin that counts.

Only the things that outlive us matter
none of which are things …


I’ll never ask

laughter, love, ease, joy … life is too short to care about other matters.