• Vol. 03
  • Chapter 04
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'Ignore them'
'They do not belong here'
'They should not be here'
'What are they doing here?'
'Why don't they go back to where they come from?
- send them back!'
'Don't encourage them'
'Close the curtain'
'Lock the door'
'Turn on the TV'
'What are they doing?'
'Where do they thing they are going?'
'What do they want from us?'
'Why here?'
'Can't they stay in their own country?'
'They look strange.'
'They look different'
'What is their God?'
'What kind of language is that?'

('Oh, he's crying.'
'He's a father.'
'Her son has drowned as they escaped the war'
'So has his wife.'



'His tears are familiar - similar
to mine. If we ache or cry,
there's salt')