• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 07

Ignorance Exposed

My nurture’s not learned facebook codes,
features, distinct, specific rôles,
the mounted stance, perspective’s tale,
of limbs, limp fingers, wrists or toes.
Wound purple weave, mauve spin in wind –
this Isadora, one way trail –
but can this be their ferryman?
These gravest issues undermined,
wound bloated coil, Styx, stones, grey clay,
patala or some foreign zone;
a passport to my known unknowns,
if I should hitch, try-tag-along.
But why did this unknown so pose?
Was it from grief in fear or hope?
Perhaps tradition reassures?
A credal loyalty declared?
Or maybe this their requiem?
Which eroteme confirms my nose,
the universal scene in one?
Kaliya climbs, seeks wellcome, trust –
swirl of refurbished stairway asp,
but not so easy underground;
this boarding pass for journeyman,
red-riding hood, another tail.
Writhe often seems infinity,
a lemniscate forever here,
still squirming on from Eden’s tree,
or any lore, backstory, myth;


Ignorance Exposed

like jungle book, logged legend, key,
whose hinterland defies what’s seen,
because the spin outside believed.
This print has piqued my ignorance –
were only that true of my verse.