• Vol. 03
  • Chapter 03
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If there is a boy there

Three hooded women stand on a pier -
the signal // the sisters // kindly.

'Look from the pier at sunset on the third,
look for light.

If there is a boy there,
he will dance.
If there is a child there not dancing
nor diving, run.

Some of my best
are waiting in the cloud.'

Hoods in wait, becoming the future -
seducing // sewing // sluicing.

Time on the shoulders.
Lives on the line.

'We looked long into the horizon line,
becoming lighter.

If there was a boy there,
we didn't see dance.
If there was a child there dancing
or diving, we stood.

We lost our worst
waiting on the pier.'

Sisters singing, stone turning -
basaltina // spun // finally.