• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 04

If pigs could speak could we understand them?

Their trotters are texting one thing
but they are saying something else.
Things like: "Why have we such a bad rep
and why are you so cruel?"

And: "Why are police called pigs,
and capitalists and male chauvinists?
We have never oppressed anyone,
we are social and bond together
You watch Babe while wearing
pigskin leather trousers.
You weep for Charlotte and Wilbur
while eating a bacon sandwich."

They have done so much for us
let us pamper and brush them.
Let us not forget our shared history,
let us ask their forgiveness.
They are biologically so close to us
“long pig” is the name for human meat.
The pigs survive, they will always survive,
because they eat everything.