• Vol. 05
  • Chapter 03
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If it sticks

‘If it sticks’ she says as if it were snow a floating flake which may or may not deign to mingle and make a
Wrapped in itchy blue
Ten toes curled
And pink and a
Button nose with
The talc from the factory
Still in the creases the
Michelin man
Bubbles and the
Bluest eyes you
Could imagine.

At two weeks to say
‘If it sticks’
Her brats already
Been there done that bought the
Car seat
Pump and
Fairy door.

Staffroom table
‘You’ll be next’ she belched
As if it was some contagion
Scratching under a swollen udder
I volleyed back a retort
About the angel


If it sticks

Immaculate etc

‘Buy it in black - less stains that way’
(Hmm maybe if you’re feeding them charcoal)
‘Try craigslist’
Damn Hemingway
Stopping me from buying
A cot, car seat, booties
Tempting fate
Peddling misfortune
Shattered dreams.

And this pump
Will inny become outty
Tempted by this eager
Gumfull mouth?
Cavity of gurgles
And sticky fingers.

It sticks