• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 02
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If I were happy

If I were happy I'd
start this morning saying
'I thank you God for most this amazing'
And not be lamenting on
'Mushrooms' as much.
I would be living with the motto
'Do not go gentle into that good night',
not living with the paranoia of
'When I have fears that I may cease to be'.
I would write sweet, aimless letters
and entitle them 'This is just to say',
rather than trying to get people's attention
by 'Not waving, but drowning'.
I would be counting all the ways
'How do I love thee' rather than pondering on
'La Belle Dame Sans Merci'.
I would be hopeful of the future
and say 'Because I could not stop for death'
thus beautifying that experience too...

Time passes me by as I am looking in 'The Mirror'.
and having 'sessions of sweet silent thought'.
I wouldn't dare to tell my friends that 
'The world is too much with us',
and would rather say 'To me, fair friend you can never be old'


If I were happy

I would not be thinking of
'An Irish airman foresees his death' and regret
'The road not taken',
but be defiant and say 'And Death shall have no dominion'.
I would laugh like 'The Old Folks Laugh' and tell all
that I've wronged: 'If you don't stay bitter for too long'.
I would look forward to 'The good morrow'.
If I were happy I would have enough sympathy
to 'Lament for a dead cow' and partake in 
the 'Remembrance' of 'The wild swans at Coole'
I would laugh at 'My parents kept me from children who 
were rough', debating the possibilities of a 'Snake'
And maybe, just maybe I could prevent our generation
from becoming 'Hollow Men'. 
If only I were happy,
and words weren't my only solace.