• Vol. 04
  • Chapter 01
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I Wonder If I’ll Ever See Your Hands Again

Big palms.
Strong grip.
Long fingers
with callused tips.

Tall man's hands.
Basketball hands.
Hands big enough to hold me—

until suddenly, you couldn't.

Who can say why you split
like a hosiery seam, running, running,
running down the back of my leg
as far from my heart as possible?

Who can say why
when I was bursting at the seams
myself—always stuffed with food
like a pillow stuffed with fluff.

I was soft, and so were you.

But we were artists!
The two of us created ART
worth marvel
worth the alphanumeric marble
from which they were chiseled.


I Wonder If I’ll Ever See Your Hands Again

How synchronized, how
perfectly matched, everyone said—
including me, including you.
We were each other's
sock, sleeve, pant leg… love.

Now, alone in this
shop full of gloves,
staring at walls
covered with pairs,
I wonder if this is the end
and if I'll ever see your hands