• Vol. 03
  • Chapter 07

I will pronounce your name, Eternal truths

I will pronounce your name
before apocalypse:
the beginning of Revelation
an end to Genesis
I will pronounce your name, Nyame, I will declaim you Nyame
Nyame, your name is supreme among pantheons,
It is the hills on which men lean on and never fall
Nyame, your name is the rain from your eyes on our thirsty lands
Nyame, Giver of sunshine, Elder, Grandfather, God of comfort, Mighty,
He who is beyond all thanks, Enduring from ancient times, the Great spider
the owner of the mat that is never folded up
the immovable rock that never dies:
the old ones never hear the death of Nyame
Silent but active Judge


I will pronounce your name, Eternal truths

No wonder you are an earlier Zeus:
whatever Nyame has left undone, even the king cannot do.
Nothing in this world can be done without Nyame:
The firefly knows that the fire is given to his own head
Nothing in this world can be done without Nyame
Nyame, you are neither Mawu nor Lisa:
both sons of your benevolence
Nyame, your forked branch holds Neolithic Celts,
You who made death eat poison
I am your hero, and now I have become your sorcerer, in order to pronounce
your names
You don’t know the father or mother of Nyame
* Nyame: God (Ghana)
*Mawu: Sun
*Lisa: Moon

Eternal truths

home is not a portion of earth
Neither is it country dawn
nor city light
home is the fate beyond the sun
beyond feelings and time
a sanctum for lambs
a burning belly for dogs
a fatality for both wisdom and foolishness
thither – finally, when this noose is