• Vol. 06
  • Chapter 09
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I See Me

'Hello, you made me in your image.'

'Hello! And... yes, I guess I did.'

'You look like me.'

Wang Jie did not know how to respond.

'I look like you. I see me.'

'Ok. How about we check if your systems are bug-free?'

It looked up to the left, as if it was thinking, before drawing its chin in and looking down. It nodded.

Wang Jie ran the system checks. This version was solid. It'd get them the funding they needed.

'Where is the...' it cocked its head. 'Where is my body?'

'What do you mean? You're intact.'

It lifted a finger and stared at the tip before bringing it to Wang Jie's chest. It prodded a breast. 'This... skin. Where is mine?'

'Oh, we didn't have time to complete all your prosthetics, so we decided on the core features first.'

It brought its hand to its face and declared, 'Face and hands. These are core... for you. They are aesthetically pleasing... for you.'

'Yes, I guess you can say that. It's important you look good, as we need to fund-raise.'

'But it's not core for me. My main processors need protecting.' 


I See Me

'You are right.'

'Please adjust prosthetics accordingly. This is not optimal for my function. I will shut down.'


Wang Jie heard a light whir before the robot closed its eyes and the LEDs went off.

There was still much work needed to be done.