• Vol. 04
  • Chapter 08


My Great Uncle Samuel came to stay
he was an alchemist 'back in the day'.
An old world coffee-house we went to see
this displayed a rare curiosity.
"Tis a mermaid, my lad. Not a young girl—
gold hair flowing and a glass made of pearl.
This mermaid is old, quite wrinkled and worn;
and hermetically sealed, since she was born."
I entered the room with a nervous air;
noticed a bell-jar, which caused me to stare.
Gave me a fright, the weird exhibition!
Yes, she was old, the strange apparition
I felt pity for her trapped expression.
At this point came my pleading confession.
"Please Uncle Samuel buy her for me—
then I will release her, into the sea."
He looked at me sadly and shook his head
"This poor creature would die on the sea bed."
We left the old mermaid there on the shelf
How dreadful to be there all by herself!