• Vol. 01
  • Chapter 09
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I Promise

We would sit
At the side of
The street,
Chess pieces
At the ready,
On Tuesday

He was old
And I was young
And on the
Intersection of
Our realities
We would converse.

He would speak
Of a life well spent,
Of challenges he
Overcame and those
That overcame him.
Of love lost and found
And lost again.


I Promise

I would speak
Of modern day
Tragedies that
Seem to pale in
Comparison to his;
Of dreams set in
The future like
Stars set in the
Night sky.

On this Tuesday,
I waited for
My companion
With board set
For the first move.

It was a beautiful
Day, where the
Sun shone through
Lazy clouds and the
Breeze was cool,
Licking the sweat
From my brow.


I Promise

I waited for
What started to
Feel like too long
When a woman
Approached me
And my board.

She said nothing,
Yet her face spoke
Volumes. It spoke
Of sadness, the kind
Of sadness that would
Leave one speechless.

And as such,
She was

She moved a pawn
And the game began.
Soon I was lost in
This game of Kings
And Queens, of
Knights and Bishops.


I Promise

Opening the envelop,
I found a handwritten

Dear friend,
It started.

It was your turn
To win, alas,
I was unable to
Give you said win.

It has been my pleasure
To play with you.
It made me forget
The pain, Forget
That my time was
Coming to an end.

My friend,
The end has come.

Feel no sadness,
For I have lived
A life worth
A life worth


I Promise

You should know
As you have heard
Most, if not all
Of it.

Your life is just

Promise me,
Promise a friend
Who sees a
Beautiful world in you.

Promise me,
That you will
Take one of your dreams,
That is like a star set
In the night sky,
Nurture it and grow it
Until it grows as big
And bright as the sun.

Let it shine,
My friend,
Let it shine.

'Til we meet again,
It ended.


I Promise

Looking out
To the street,
It was all a blur
As I looked
Through unshed

I then looked
At the seat,
Where the woman
Once sat, where
My friend always
Sat, and with
A shaky voice
I said,
I promise.