• Vol. 04
  • Chapter 05

i ponder, a room of love

how soon mother                 how soon father
how many hematites
to ground the soul into acceptance?

one's awake to a void humanity
and rooms of love, hands like hearts
   with the gentle pushing and bickers
       of banter.     we're good here
                               you belong here.

(exorcising a viral self-hatred)
   cruel dimensions pull and get my soul
           to trail behind my own body; ever slower, ever blue.

                                      am stood
                       midway north midway south
                             between east and west
                               on top of deserts

                                       this is
                                     the edge

                               i disappear now

and they reach out to me,
                 their pull powerful and true, their minds awake
to me. my covenant, my comrades, friends.


i ponder, a room of love

   "blood's thicker than water," i say
and my lover,
he says you're saying it wrong…
"the blood of the covenant
is thicker
than the water of the womb.”

you belong my love,
with us all my love,
you are home. hands stretch
we hold each other