• Vol. 07
  • Chapter 01
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I miss my little island

Don't you think we grown up now? And we are living life of hustle and bustle. We actually not living real life. You know what, why I'm telling you everything about life? We missed so many things in it. We are running after thousands of happiness that is a type of mirage to us.

Yes, a child who actually not affected by any hustles of life. A child who is living in each of us. It was the memories of mine as well as yours too.

From a mother's womb, a kid was taking his first step of his life. He was immature, innocent and gift of god. He even don't know that what would be his future. He was living his life away from all the obstacles. He was learning something as well as he was teaching us the true life living lessons.

I'm happy that I'm grown up,
But I'm sad as well because I'm missing so many things.
I miss the warmth of childhood.
I miss my innocence.
I miss that crawling physique and jargonised language.
I miss that atmosphere from where I brought up.
I miss my father's scolding.
I miss my those friends who always stay stood by my side because I had plenty of toys.
I miss that Street where I named it as my territory.
I miss the that stumps which I had drawn on my back side wall.
I miss my six players team who always had the eyes on my bat.
I miss that time where I had to have plenty of time.
I miss that pocket in which i used to carry beautiful stones rather than money.
I miss my school days where grades didn't affect me.


I miss my little island

I miss the real ultimatum of my life.
I miss the lap of my mother, who always protect me from uncertainties.
I miss that window from where I used to see the world.
I miss the boundaries of home.
I miss the stories of Grandma.
I miss that bicycle where I used to travelled with loveliest papa.
I miss that training where I had took my first step.
I miss the pocket money which looked like millions to me.
I miss the shoulder of Grandpa who always used to carried me onto it and went to the garden.
I miss that small shop where shopkeeper used to gave me groundnuts and chocolates for free.

Everything that I have and whatever I'll get, but I won't get back my haven, my childhood, my little island.