• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 08

I love you unconditionally

when you look in the mirror
and like what you see
or don’t like what you see
when your latest experiment
has gone a little too far
when your eyebrows are too bushy
or too thin or too straggly
or off the scale in their pinkness
or yellowness and other people
stare at you and you don’t want that
or you do want it but can’t handle
the attention because your BPD
is tugging your moods from extreme low
to extreme high and back again
with ever-increasing rapidity
or your NPD is damaging you
and everyone around you
and you’re only now starting to suspect
there might be a trail of victims in your wake
because your eyes have been closed
to everything but your own inner turmoil
or you’re just being your INFJ self
or have been over-busy being creative
or worse a poet
dragged through the rejection mill
once too often so you are blind
to your successes or dismissive
of everything you have achieved
and mostly because you haven’t seen
how incredibly beautiful you are


I love you unconditionally

and how equally beautiful I am
always here holding you
and able to intuit
your unvoiced traumas
and unfulfilled dreams
if you would only whisper them
to me in a prayer
and allow me to soothe you
with calming counsel
or to lullaby you
like your mother never could
or if you would
let go and go limp
in my arms
so that I might hold you up
and even lift you up in triumph
and convince you
to believe
that you are lovable
and unconditionally loved.