• Vol. 07
  • Chapter 01
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‘I’ Land

There is a vital difference, I’d suggest
A key distinction we’d do well to cogitate
Between ‘grow upon’ and ‘grow up on’

A close perusal here, for All —
I think
I need
I know
I want
Therefore I am...?

But view this island Earth
From vantage point of distance and —
Where am I?

Are we the favoured few?
Fated children living out charmed lives of plenty
Provided for by an endlessly bountiful and tolerant mother?

Or multi-coloured microbial cultures?
Inexorably crowding out the agar-agar of our little Petri dish
Until the only food source is used up and all die out?

There is a vital difference, I’d suggest
That we would all do well to cogitate —
To ‘grow up on’ or ‘grow upon’ this tiny little island.