• Vol. 02
  • Chapter 05
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I Know of a Place

I know of a place where stars dwell when you are too tired to tell whether you are awake or asleep. I have seen this place when I crawl into the night. Humble as a baby I stretch my hands to grasp the offerings in the blue that drapes the day at the end of its recurrent residency.

I know of this place and I can describe the view - you can too, if your eyes stay true to all you've seen as a child; all that made you smile even if your lips didn't move.

I know of a place - the softer of plains - where a wild horse gallops free. At night as the engines of cars are inert, she is certain to ride along the moon's whisper where during the day there was only silent fences and concrete.

At the end of her nocturnal loping she rests by the lake - a lake full of secrets only the water can keep. It might seem like an empty pool when you are awake, but in my dreams…

…In my dreams, she watches over me as I swim.