• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 11
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I am in front of a Portal. The appeal is, come travel beyond the human zoo. Strange, but curiosity is greater
than fear. I think I walk, but I'm flying. I have a clear perception that I am me – but the lightness
reveals that I am also beyond my body. Where did he stay? On the sofa in the living room where I fell asleep?
That night when I wandered until I fell on a lawn, tired?
The most important are these doors that open and I see shapes: blue, diaphanous, some with the shape
of animals, birds, fish in the air. Moons and coconut trees as if in a tropical region. A tiny whale attracts my attention as it dives into a cloud.
I am lucid and this dream goes further. It's a parallel reality,
a place of refuge where I can rest and distract my feelings with images that do not attack. Far from terrestrial reality, far from Channel 9 news.
Here I feel free from rational everyday life, from responsibilities not always reasonable, of human anguish,
of pains and aches, of photographs of
children with their big eyes, as if they were talking and I was listening to them, from the storms,
ships, meal on the table, the fruit juice, the look in the window. She who calls me to the real, with her hands tied to mine as we talk until we sleep.
Now she sleeps, I hear her heart beating, I feel the warmth of her skin next to my, my body, somewhat worn out from life's journeys.
Yes, reality has its weight, she makes sense even between sobs and tears. But now I just want to dream.



I'm flying and regaining some of my lost sanity. Somebody
points to Tiger. Strange, it has my name, but it was tamed long ago
many generations, millennia. But in your wild heart
it's free. In its way of jumping and flying it is still a fearless animal. Wake up and I remember the trip.
A journey into myself.
The rain plays on the roof, I hear roosters in their morning crowing – that replicate others, far, beyond the horizon. Fernando Pessoa, from white apron, I served myself and my loved one a hot coffee, a poem.
Yes, we are humans fleeing inhumanity!