• Vol. 04
  • Chapter 06
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I have a secret

The truth is that the earth is a powerful living being
Like one of those cells you studied in biology
A giant circular version, complete with a membrane and life vibration.

Man is the only animal stupid enough
To destroy the eco-system it depends on
For more luxury, more leisure time, and to accumulate more things
That gather dust in and out of cupboards – while encased in a man-made cage indoors.

Only man has sold his soul
and that of the earth
and now stares blinking with short-sightedness
Believing the world is contained in a mobile phone.

Video games have replaced playing with friends outdoors
Likes have replaced congenial hugs and pats on the back
Virtual reality is slowly replacing living while
Adult life is a rat race from waking to bed
Rushing from breakfast to work.
Working through lunch
Multi-tasking through your kid’s lives and your own.

Modern life is a bubble
Disconnected from reality.

Happiness is found in nature
In quiet time with family and friends.

Stop rushing to the grave
And killing everything in your wake.