• Vol. 03
  • Chapter 10
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I Go Sailing

In my best designer sailing gear.
Pouting provocatively - lips replenished.
Pearly whites on guard protecting that winning smile.

They stand behind me – my faithful acolytes.

But its me you have come to see.
My gorgeous life-style – lipstick always poised.
To make a flourish and nourish that stellar mouth.

BUT it takes endless HOURS to achieve that SMILE.

You must envy me – my privileged life.
As you sit on that sweaty commuter train.
Up early - feed the kids – do the school run.

Slash your face with last year’s colour

Stand on your feet while I lounge and loaf
at the top of the ocean – all played out.
While you dish up the remnants of those tatty bargains.

And finally lock-up shop.