• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 12
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I dreamt that I was dead

And you were there,
You weren’t you
(You know how it is in dreams),
You weren’t you
You had a dog’s head,
You were Anubis, god of the dead.
And you said,
I’ve come to weigh your heart,
You had it in a blue shopping bag,
And instead of a scale of justice
You had a hanging scale with a hook,
Like a greengrocer
or a butcher.
And you hung my heart on there,
And then you told me,
That’ll be twenty pound fifty,
And I got furious
That you’d expect me
to buy my own heart,
And I started screaming at you.


I dreamt that I was dead

And you said,
I don’t believe you,
You never dreamt that,
You just made it up
To make yourself sound interesting.
And I said,
You got me,
Because I didn’t want you to know
What I found
When I had wrestled you to the ground
And I finally got to look inside that bag.