• Vol. 06
  • Chapter 05
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I dream of home

In space
I cannot feel the weight of my body
the weightlessness carries me everywhere
the shifting angle of the metal plate
my unnamed home
a transit,
between the earth and the endless horizon
I dangle and play
a little more.

In space
I'm stuck in the limbo
between the earth and sky
my body floats
it wishes to see more
the cerulean blues fill the swirls
of my stargazing eyes.

In space
the diorama of turquoise and cerulean shades
paints every inch of my ashen dreams
it adds vibrancy
an unseen intensity,
a feeling so pure and serene.


I dream of home

In space
everything is pristine and pure
the surreal feeling of being
in and out of control
my heart is filled with the dichotomy
of holding onto this freedom
and the yearning of letting go.

In space, I think of you
the smile which can dazzle
a thousand suns
and a zillion galaxies.

In space, I dream of you
I dream of home.