• Vol. 07
  • Chapter 01
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I don’t belong in the world but that’s what it is

it was just the two of us
lonely drifters. growing up on this tiny
little island

my colour pencils making sense
of love, light and shadows, two legs dangling

in the back of your lectures, numbers on the board,
myself still, drawing. maybe confused
but earth orbits the sun unquestioning

the stars glow and the rest is silence.

i was your doll
dressed and cleaned by your manicured golden
lifted and pulled back down by gravity

sailing and smiling the 13 different shores
the miles exhausting
our spirits.

it has been the two of us, growing up
on this tiny little island,
thinking about each other like sandcastles
far into the shore.

pointing at the waves, watching the sunrise
We Were Always Going To Be Well.