• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 03

I could knit a beanie

I was bored. So I scrolled Instagram and saw a reel of a twenty-something woman knitting a beanie. I watched it twice. You could really knit a beanie in a day. I needed a beanie for the New England winter. Surely I could knit my own. I walked to the art and craft store, freezing my ears out. I scurried home half-listening to the new Taylor Swift album. I set the kettle to boil. I watched a YouTube tutorial on how to knit a beanie. I started knitting. I took a break to watch a nail video on YouTube. I needed a manicure. Oh, definitely a pedicure too. My rug had clumps of pet hair. It needed vacuuming. Immediately. So I vacuumed while watching a cottagecore vlog. I heard my phone ringing through the whirr of the vacuum. It was my doctor. I ignored the call. I set the kettle to boil again. I should stop biting my nails. I should grow them long and paint them beige. I made a cup of tea and sat down on the bright green chair to knit my beanie. It might take me two days to finish knitting at this rate. The cover of my wing chair needed washing. Tomorrow, maybe. The yellow ceiling needed a quick dusting. I could see cobwebs.
Knit, knit.
Cobweb, cobweb.
Knit, cobweb, knit, cobweb
Cobweb, cobweb, cobweb.
I stood up. I should paint my walls white. I held up my broom handle and gently stepped on the plush cushion, and then on the arm rest and tiptoed. I should sign up for ballet classes. I could use some stretching every day. I looked delicate. In balance. I could enroll for dance classes with my niece. I could be the cool adventurous aunt. I could be a knight and she could be my sidekick and we could go on backpacking adventures. I swished the cobweb. I wobbled as the chair's claw legs gave away. I slipped. I fell.


I could knit a beanie

My airpod rolled into a crack. My yarn balls rolled over my needles. I lay down, face resting on the floor. My cat came and licked my cold ears. My tea ran cold. My hardwood floors needed mopping. They were colder than my phone.